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 Customer Area
Stadium keeps you update on all the scheduler events and avalaible tickets.

For information
Tel. +39 335 6491716
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We ask to read carefully the term an conditions below when you buy the tickets or product, you confirm and accept to have read, understood and accept the following terms and conditions.

Stadium srl is a company of the republic of San Marino leader in suppling tickets, electronic marketing and trading for sport, spectacle and culture, included in this there is the governing director, the managers, the employees, the consultants and the suppliers.
The company has it's registered office in the republic of San Marino Via Guardia di Rocca,13 - 47899 Serravalle (Rep.San Marino) postcode 47891.

Event :
It is a lapse of time in which performance that are connected to it take place.
The booking office where the tickets have been purchased can reffer to another event that includes one or more performance.

It is the ticket that allows one to assist at the event.
The ticket horder is the person that requests a ticket or whoewer has a ticket that has been bought by the subscriber or by who has subscribed it on his/her behalf.

Place of event:
Means the buildings and lands that form the places in which the events take place, inside the fencing, therefore to access it is necessary to have a ticket or an equivalent qualification for the areas where the event are set, as well as the outskirts of these areas.

E-mai to confirm the order:
It reffer to the notification sent to client by Stadium.
Thanks to the e-mail the client receives the confirmation that the tickets and products have been assigned after the purchase has been made on the web site www.stadium.it www.stadium.sm

Purpose of the service
The service is given by Stadium SRL and it's scope consists in giving the client, registered on our web site, the chance to purchase tickets or products for one or more spectacles or performance, provided by organizer of the event or obtained by Stadium itself.
The regulation of transaction of the purchase with the relative amount is debited on the credit card and the collection of tickets will take place after the purchase.
The scope of service is to give the user the possibility:
To buy ticket or products for one or more spectacles which have been put at disposition of the organizer of the event or that have been put at the disposition of the organizer of the event or that Stadium themselves have obtained.
To purchase services or product provided by Stadium SRL.
to collect or recive at your home, afterwards, the ticket that you have booked for above mentioned spectacles or performance.

Detail related to the tickets and eventsi
IThe tickets mustn't be handed over or exchanged.
The tickets mustn't be purchased on behalf of third party within the negotiation or as part of commercial activity.
Stadium reserves the right to cancel a ticket or an order in any moment, for technical or organizational reason.
The present terms and conditions that are written on the back of the ticket consist of the entire contractual agreement between the ticket horder an Stadium.

Type of payment
The ticket can be payed by the customers through credit cards, bank transfer or postal order following the instructions highlighned during the purchase procedure on the web site.
Stadium also reserves the possibility to annull any order that has been made, which payment hasn't been correctly computed, even after the date of purchase.

 Price of the tickets, bookings and deliveries
The price of the event is the one written on the ticket, including the rights of the advanced sale of these.
Stadium reserves the rights to apply on each transaction some extra charges for the service commission, in relation to the agreements whith the organizers and at it's own descrection.
These extra charges will be explicitly underlined whithin the booking procedure.
Instead, if Stadium offer tickets for performances which it hasn't been given permission to sell by the organizers, the price on the web site will include all the expence andextra charges applied by Stadium, to obtainthe abovementioned tickets.

If the customer renounces the ticket, he will not be entitled to the refund of the price of the ticket or of the extra commission charges.

Postponement or annullment of spectacles
If the organizer annuls or simply postpones the spectacle to another date, for any reason, Stadium will refund the price of the ticket except for the rights of the advanced sale and for any other additional commission applied. In particular the following cases are made clear:
If the times of the begginning or the end of the event have been changed, but still takes place on the same day, the ticket holder of that event cannot change his ticket or have refund.
If an event is cancelled, the ticket holden can ask for a refund, except for the right of the advanced sale and for the extra charges applied at the moment of the purchase.
The ticket for that event cannot be replaced with a ticket for another event.
Stadium will not substitute the ticket if it has been lost, damaged, destroyed, stolen or if illegible.

Collection/Delivery of the ticket
In some occasions the users have the possibility to choose between the delivery to their house or collecting it in the place of event on the day of the performance.
Stadium offers the delivery service included in the price published on the web site.
The ticket will be delivered by express carrier a few days after the purchase.

Responsability limits and rights  
Stadium doesn't take the responsability for direct or indirect damage, of any kind, caused by the provided services.
Ticketone reserves the right to collect, change, suspend or interrupt any function or service for technical or organizational reason.

Prohibitions and restrictions
If tickets are bought on behalf of third party, the agreement to the present terms and conditions applies to oneself as representative of the other person.
Any controversy deriving from the contracts between Stadium and the ticket holder relating to the purchase of the ticket and services will be regulated according to the right and laws of repubblic of San Marino appartaining to this subject e.g. sale of ticket.

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